Maine New Century Community Program

Facilities Grant


Summer 2010

The Historical Society applied for and was awarded a Facilities Grant, available from the Maine State Archives. The grants are available for buildings that house collections. The money can be used for repairs, for building new shelving or anything that will specifically help protect the collection. When you apply for a grant you have to commit to paying 50 percent of the cost which, in this case, will be paid by the town of Litchfield. To lower the cost of the portion owed by the town the Historical Society did in-kind work which the Archives credits to the application the same way as money would be.

Pownalborough Restorations is the company doing the construction on the Town House. They did previous work on the south side of the building. To contact them visit their website

In June, just before school closing, the children of Litchfield schools came through for tours. In addition to the school tours the Town House was open for tours on three occasions this summer.

Articles in the Kennebec Journal about the Town House:

KJ Article April 3, 2010

KJ Article September 27, 2010




Town House raised corner


Town House Corner


Town House bow in beam in attic


Town House roof trusses


Town House Attic
Ed and George shoring foundation George and Otis
George and Otis shoring foundation Foundation work
Town House Repairs Town House Repairs
Town House Repairs
Town House Ell Before Restoration

Before restoration


Town House Repairs

After restoration

Before Restoration Inside The Ell

Inside the ell before restoration


Town House Repairs

Inside the ell during the restoration


Town House Repairs

Inside the ell during restoration