The Hiram Shorey History Center and Library


Hiram Shorey Memorial Plaque

Hiram Shorey was born in 1862 in the Plains section of Litchfield in the house now known as the Black Crow Bakery.  He was a merchant tailor in Chicago and New York.  Hiram's birthplace was originally the farm of his mother's father, Stephen Purinton, who was a minister at the Plains Baptist Church.  Hiram was one of the four founding fathers of the Rotary International.

Hiram passed away in 1944 and his ashes were scattered in the Plains Cemetery of Litchfield.

The Hiram E. Shorey Family History Center and Library has been funded and developed by the Rotarians of Maine and was given to the town to be operated by the Litchfield Historical Society.  The project involved the renovation of the Town Office basement in which the library is located.  Rotarians from Maine donated many hours of their time to remodel the basement.  They created a climate controlled environment for the town's historical records and a work room for research.  The room has been equipped with furniture, computer equipment, shelving, storage and a handicap accessible restroom.  George Rice from Norway, Maine was the head contractor for the project and has been assisted by Rotarians from many towns of Maine.

At this time the History Center is open to the public by appointment only. To make an appointment please emailing us at