Interesting Photos and Stories


Andrew Jackson Tozier

The Tozier Family

AJ Tozier Article 24 DEC 1908


George W. Bartlett

Hiram E. Shorey

John Day Smith

1908 Lewiston Journal

History of Litchfield - Original Manuscript Pages

Kennebec Journal Dec 13, 1990 - Corner Store

Kennebec Journal - Masonic Hall Destroyed by Fire


Photos Of Purgatory Village

Elias and Nancy Plimpton

Harriet Plimpton

Henry W. Taylor

Goodwin Family

Photos Of Litchfield Academy Students

Mitchell Farm, Oak Hill

Neal Genealogy - pedigree

 Ben Shaw Obituary

Benjamin Shaw and the Peripatetic Peacock Tavern

John Winter Robinson


Dr. Goss

Dr. Goss


Dr. Enoch Adams - 1829

Dr. Enoch Adams - 1829
Neck Road, Purgatory Village

Summer 1917 - George M. Rogers

Summer 1917
George Rogers far left
Plains Road


Sarah Rogers

Sara Rogers and Skippy

Hallowell Road

Hallowell Road


Road Building 1920 - Rte 201

Road Building 1920
Brunswick Gardiner Road (Rte 201)

The Palmers 1897

The Palmers 1897
Hallowell Road

Packard Family 1924

The Packard Family 1924
Lunts Hill Road


1895 Food Committee

1895 Food Committee
at the Plains Church
Back row, 3rd from left Sara Rogers, next to Sara is Bertram Packard, 2nd woman to Sarah's left is Ariana Hutchinson Roberts
Gardiner Roberts, Civil War Veteran
(front row, dark suit)


Litchfield Band

Litchfield Band
George Millard Rogers, far right

Baby Show

Baby Show


The Dustin Family

The Dustin Family
Oak Hill Road

Abial Small

Abial Small
on The Small Road


George M. Rogers

George Rogers

Horse Treadmill and Thrasher

Horse Treadmill Powering Thresher

Ebenezer B. Pike, son of Dr. Jesse Pike, represented Litchfield twice in the legislature and was the inventor of the first horse-powered tread-wheel threshing machine. This patent was issued in 1827, and was signed by J. Q. Adams, President; Henry Clay, Secretary of State.


Voting Litchfield Town Meeting - 1950's

Charles Danforth, left, Florence Libby, back,
Rudolph Heller (Purgatory store owner), right.

Bill Bold's Farm

Can you identify any of these people?

Billy Bold's Farm
Plains Road

The Ashford-Knight House 1900's

The Ashford-Knight House in the 1900's

This page will hopefully be filled with stories written by town folk about their memories of Litchfield and/or their families.